Long gone are the days of inexpensive domestic water, let alone many utility districts whom charge sewer rates as a percentage of water usage.  Choose InfraSystem water submeters with digital electronic contol.  A microprocessor with wired or wireless transmitter is attached to each water meter in each unit.  On a regular basis, the offsite computer contacts the control unit and downloads all the water usage data to a secure database.  At every billing period the total amount of water used by each submeter sends an invoice to each unit Homeowner based on their personal water consumption at the price of water and sewage.

The benefits are numerous to all.  A fair billing based on personal water usage that encourages water conservation and rewards low water users with savings; real time monitoring uncovers problems such as water leaks, free running water, and water meter tampering; independent monitoring of total water usage, to detect if the local jurisdiction meter is over billing; all installed and operated by independent, licensed, and insured professionals offering warranty for trouble free performance.