Customer Service
Clients must receive fast and accurate answers to their telephone and data question.  Each of our clients are assigned a single point of contact, meaning whenever you call, you speak with the same person.


Some call it "Commercial TV"; others call it "Bulk", "Wholesale", or "Business TV".  No matter what you call it, it's TV, it's what we do, and it's likely the best solution for you.  If you are a business needing 10 or more TV installations, then you owe it to your guests, residents, patients, customers, or passengers to work analyze the best solutions.  We can save you money through our competitive bulk, volume, wholesale pricing.

Dedicated Internet Access
Dedicated Internet product provides "business class", high-bandwidth connection to the internet.  Our goal is to provide you with a dedicated circuit connected to the internet 24/7/365.  They type of service depends on your specific needs, location, and budget; providing the best solution for your company.

Long Distance Service
Clear, reliable connections are essential.  Whether calls are within the state, accross the country, or around the world, we ensure 100% of calls terminate on the most solid, state-of-the-art fiber optic networks in the industry.  Our long distance services include the ability to place outgoing domestic and international calls as well as receive incoming toll free calls from across the state or ocean.

High Definition Video Conferencing
High Definition capabilities has changed the face of video conferencing.  Increased adoption of video conferencing with a higher quality production than traditional, standard definition.  HD video conferencing offers:  higher resolution, wider presentation angles, higher frame rates, and enhanced personal and immersed viewing experience.

PRIT1 Voice Service

T1 and PRI services provide clients with DID/DOD capability, allowing customers to create a trung group through their PBX phone systems.  T1s and PRIs are used by growing businesses as a cost effective way to maximize their communications capabilities; we build a custom solution for each client base on their specific needs.

Business Line Service

We offer a comprehensive product line of analog, digital, and VoIP solutions to businesses of all sizes.  Services include features required by most business, including the ability to keep your existing phone numbers, all for one low monthly rate.

Co-Location Facilities

A unique feature providing business owners of multiple locations to enhance communication services and lower overall expenses.